Please read and understand these Competition Rules (“Rules”), along with our Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy (“Policies”), before entering any BodyX Transformation Competition or any competition hosted on this website (“Competition”), as your entering and/or voting in any Competition, or use of any website hosting our Competition (“Website”), will constitute your automatic acceptance of the Rules and Policies, where some terminology or obligations may be explained in one or more of these.

  1. This competition is only open to residents of South Africa.
  2. Entrants must be 18 years of age or older at the time of entry. Voters and users warrant they are either 18 years or older at the time of use or voting, or if they are not, warrant that they have their legal guardian’s and bill payer’s express permission to use the Website or vote in a Competition, as the case may be.
  3. Only photos which are less than four years old from the date of taking them, are allowed to be submitted as part of an entry. Entrants must be able to have proof of this fact, when either submitting the entry or when questioned about same at any point thereafter.
  4. Only photos reflecting healthy and appropriate fitness body transformations will be accepted for entries. No inappropriate or distasteful photos will be accepted, including any gratuitous nudity or unnecessary exposure.
  5. Only entries originating from accepted and registered user profiles on the Website will be considered, screened and then, if all conditions are satisfied, be posted on our Website.
  6. Entering the Competition is done using the Website, but Voting is done using SMS at either a Standard or Premium Rate Charge.
  7. Entering the Competition is free, but Voting in the Competition will attract an additional Premium Rate charge to the voter at a rate where 1 vote costs R2 (two Rand) and where a bundle of 20 votes costs R30 (thirty Rand). No free SMS as part of existing carrier bundles can be used to vote. Errors of any kind using the SMS system will be billed for the voter’s account.
  8. The Competition is run quarterly, where at the end of each period, all Entrant’s accumulated votes from that period will be reset to zero.
  9. Entry into a Competition begins from 00h00 on the first day of every period and closes at 00h00 five (5) days before the end of that period, whatever that day may be.
  10. Voting in a Competition begins from 00h00 on the first day of every period and closes at 12h00 on the last day of every period, whatever that day may be. Any Votes received outside of these dates and times for voting will not be considered, but may still be charged for.
  11. The exact closing date and time for a particular Competition may be adjusted to necessitate for relevant administration, where notification of same will be displayed on the Website
  12. The Entrant with the highest number of accumulated SMS votes each period will be automatically drawn by verified systems to be the winner where neither the Website nor BodyX has any influence or effect on the result.
  13. Prize/s will be made available to the winner within twenty (20) working days after the winner is announced. The prizewinner will be contacted by telephone or email (using the information as provided by him/her to the Website or BodyX) to arrange for the delivery or collection of any prize, as the case may be. This communication might also include additional information to affect the prizewinner’s receipt of a prize from BodyX.
  14. Failure to adhere to these rules in any way could result in disqualification from the Competition and for BodyX to re-award prizes if deemed necessary.
  15. The Competition and the functioning of this Website are governed by the laws of South Africa only, where should certain features of same laws not be specifically stated herein, they are nevertheless applicable.
  16. The Website and the Competition are owned and administrated by K2017374726 (SOUTH AFRICA) (Pty) Ltd. t/a BodyX (2017/374726/07).